by Lucas Britton

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released April 15, 2014

lucas britton - all songs, all sounds
except track 6 written by john darnielle



all rights reserved


Lucas Britton Portland, Oregon

music for sharing and/or dancing
written and recorded by myself or with david smith or sarah hall

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Track Name: Your Dream
I've been dreaming your dream. I've been reading our scene. And i can't argue, can't argue with you, my voice simply too weak. I've been dreaming your dream but I can't make sense of anything. And even if I tried harder than I have tried, I'll never know what you mean. I've been answering your phone. I've been sleeping in your home. And without mercy you still desert me. You leave me all alone.
Track Name: Time That I've Lost
I never thought we'd speak again but I always knew that we were friends. And now i see him in all things you don't say, but I don't know how it ends. And now you'll hear it in all the songs I won't play, that I'll never play again. Now I'm not saying I'm alright, or that you should stop by tonight. 'Cause now I feel it in all the paths I won't cross. I don't know if you feel it too. And if you fear it in all the time that I've lost, just know there's nothing left to lose.
Track Name: The Last Time
Well, the last time that I saw you, it must have been a dream. I can't remember if I've called you so I'll just tell you everything that you don't already know, if you'll tell me where these secrets go. I'm keeping my end of the deal for a pretty picture I can pretend is real. I spend most of my time at home. I'm just as good at pretending on my own, if you don't already know. Won't you tell me where the secrets go?
Track Name: From Here
I am young. I feel alive. I keep my secrets inside. I don't really know me, anyway. And if you're cold or all alone or you're with someone you don't know, I don't know what you want me to say. There's nothing I can do from here. I am young and I have everything to fear.
I'm wasting sleep, it's getting worse. A couple more, what could it hurt? How hard it is to be anything. Another day, another year. Slowly everything's come clear. It's all these things we give away. But there's nothing I can take from you. We are young and we have too much left to do.
I am cold, and of no significant use.
Track Name: When I Turn Up
Today was strange, but I felt fine. That 'wake me in the morning' kind. And i just wanted you hear it. I just wanted you to hear this.
Well I'm sorry if you're feeling down. Hope that when I turn up, I turn it around.
Today's the same as all the time, sneaking past me, like I'd even mind. When honestly I fear it. I just wanted to be fearless. I'm sorry if you're feeling down. Hope that when I turn up, I'll turn it around.
Track Name: Trepidation Song
It's broken glasses, empty stomachs, coffee mugs. It's getting drunk. It's all your fear. It's all you hear. It's where I've been to, where I'm going, however crooked my spine is growing, astigmatism in my eye, all I can do to pass the time.
So what are you so afraid to do?
No one's watching me now.
It's everything I think you're saying, whatever games these kids are playing, all the things you think I know, no solo acoustic shows. It's every time I call you drunk and every time you don't pick up. Tightrope walk telephone line. Disassembled by design.
So what are you so afraid to do?
No one's watching me now.
No one's watching me now.